"It has been my pleasure to have Kira Coopersmith of Benefits Management Group
as our health insurance broker since 1996.

Over the past 12 years I've switched Workers Compensation providers, general
insurance brokers and insurance companies, common carriers, and steel service centers
more times than I could possibly count. My workload and the chaotic pace of our daily
existence is such that service providers of any kind need to do what they say they will do
and more importantly handle problems expeditiously when they occur. It is rare, if not
unprecedented, for me to remain with a specific service or product provider for more than
a few years, despite my preference for remaining with them as long as possible.
However, Kira has been a wonderful exception to my general experience. She has
undoubtedly been the best service provider I have ever dealt with in my 22 years with
Brakewell Steel. She constantly treats us as if we are her best customer. She is
knowledgeable about the industry and her products. She has been a wizard at
reconfiguring our health coverage because of premium increases. She is timely with
providing information. Most importantly, when claims issues arise for anyone in our
company, she researches and handles the problem quickly and effectively

I can honestly state that there is no one that I would more highly recommend than
Kira Coopersmith of Benefits Management Group.

Please feel free to contact me personally if I can answer any other questions or
provide further information with regard to Kira Coopersmith."

- Dan Doyle
Owner, Brakewell Steel Fabricators, Inc.

"Kira Coopersmith has given me the privilege of providing you with a reference on
her behalf. It is with great pleasure that I do so. We have worked with each other for
nearly three years, in which time Kira has fully delnonstrated her array of talents. Kira
knows well how insurance companies operate, which affords her the ability to tnaximize
our benefits under our plan. If the insurance company errs on any issue, Kira is quick to
identify the error and bring it to a successful resolution.

She has been a tireless, diligent employee advocate for the elnployees in my
company. Kira's experience in the industry and in-depth knowledge of the system have
successfully resolved many issues which I would not have been able to do on my own.
Kira keeps herself apprised of industry changes, which is of great value to us.

I wouid be remiss if I did not address the excellent level of customer service Kira
provides to the employees and to my Sr. managernent. Kira immediately addresses issues
while keeping everyone informed of updates and resolutions. Her follow-up skills have
proven to be tremendously helpful to me. Kira is extremely professional at all times and
is very respectful to our employees. It is obvious that she truly loves what she does

-Patricia E. Jones
HR Generalist, eMagin Corporation

"Benefits Management Group has been our health insurance and supplemental insurance
representative since January 2006. We are extremely pleased with the quality of service
that we are receiving from Kira and her staff. They are very helpful to our employees
with claims and questions about coverage. Recently, we had to make significant changes
to our health insurance, Kira was here for three days to help explain the changes and
answer the concerns of the employees about the change. Afterward, I heard from several
of our employees about how pleased they were with the time she spent with them in a
group meeting and individual meetings. They also have been taking advantage of her
periodic service calls.

The personal service that Benefits Management Group provides makes the employees
feel they are important. They now have someone who will return calls and they feel like
they are a person, not a number."

-Gina O'Boyle
Business Manager, The Family Foundation School

"If I have not thanked you for all your help, with my medical insurance appeal to The insurance company and the State let me do so now. I appreciate all you have done to help me. I hope you are well. I am still working with The Natropathic doctor you introduced me to, and am having to take on more personal responsibility for health and life. Thank you."

-Gordon R.
Poughkeepsie, NY

"Our company decided to switch our insurance benefits a week before my son was born. In spite of notifying the hospital where I delivered, claims were still sent to my old insurance. After about 6 months of phone calls I thought I had it all straightened out but kept getting a bill for some postpartum care.

After another 6 months of haggling back and forth between my insurance company and the hospital I finally contacted Kira. Within 2 days the claim was resubmitted correctly and my insurance covered it 100%. I cannot thank her enough and wish I would've contacted her sooner! Kira Coopersmith and Benefits Management Group was definitely there when I needed them!"

-Rachael Brown
Seattle, WA

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