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Welcome to the WellSource Wellness Center. To the right are some healthy resources. Below is a brief description of our employer wellness offerings and beyond that is our daily Facebook feed dedicated to your well-being.

  • Do you want to increase productivity and decrease lost work days due to illness?
  • Do you want to drive down medical insurance costs by insuring a healthy workforce?
  • Do you wish your employees suffered from less stress and illness?
  • Do you think your company is too small to budget for this?
  • Do you want results driven, affordable, employee wellness programs?

Benefits Management Group offers results driven employee wellness programs through our WellSource Wellness division. We can help you create a healthier and more energetic workforce through proven, simple, inexpensive modalities for as little as a $100 investment.

Call: (845)691-4945 or (508)821-2995 or email us at Kira@kayceeinc.com
To find out what we can do for your employees well-being.

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Lifestyle and Well-being

Food and Recipes
Foodbabe.com - What's in your food?
jamieoliver.com - delicious, healthy recipes
Wholefoodsmarket.com/forums - Health Forums from Whole Foods

Yoga and meditation
Elephantjournal.com - mindful living

Therxlist.com - learn about your medicine
Vitacost.com - Vitamins and health food

Lyme Disease


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